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 Standard — Five main fertilizing visits annually throughout the growing season from March through November. Fertilizer, weed and insect control. Pre-emergent crabgrass control in the Spring.
 Standard Plus — All of the above plus lime. Fungus and grub control applied as needed.
 Deluxe — All of the above plus Fall seeding.
 Lawn Builder — Usually begins mid August. Sometimes we have to kill off any undesirable grass and weedy lawns. Overall seeding, spot seeding, lime. It takes two growing seasons to develop a lawn into mature turf.



Residential and Commercial Lawn Fertilizing — We use granular fertilizer with a slow release coating. We do not spray or use liquid fertilizer.

Weed Control — We can prevent crabgrass and most weeds from germinating in your lawn and landscaping beds. We also use a post emergent herbicide to kill the weeds. We keep them from taking over your yard and landscaped areas.

Insect Control — We can prevent and control lawn damaging insects at the appropriate life stage of the insect. Control insects that feed on and damage the grass roots and leaves.

Disease Control — Diseases that damage the growing systems of the grass plant. Control fungus and mold on the grass and in the soil. Not all fungus is controllable.


Lime Applications — We use pelletized lime, not dusty powder lime. We can identify problem areas by soil tests and remedy them with the help of our local Rutgers NJ Agricultural Experiment Station.

Lawn Seeding — Lawn Renovation, Aeration, Slit Seeding, Over Seeding. We use the best available seed blends to match your turf conditions. Grass content needs to be improved and replaced each season to crowd out weeds and undesirable grasses.

Deer Tick and Flea Control — We use granular and liquid pesticides that last 6 to 8 weeks that can be applied year round. The yard treatments are safe for pets and people after 24 hours.

Free Lawn Evaluation — We don’t charge you to take a look at your lawn.



Rutgers NJ Agricultural Experiment Station — For soil testing instructions and more.
Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets — For your Right to Know.

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