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Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality lawn services at affordable rates is what makes Ultra Lawn Services, L.L.C. the obvious choice to meet your needs. Check out our helpful links here. We offer the following services:

Residential Lawn Fertilizing       Lawn Seeding

How is this related to me in New Jersey? If you own a house in New Jersey you probably want to maintain your property value by having a great lawn.

Why do I need preventative maintenance? You need to prevent weeds from taking over the good grass, you need to fertilize and water the grass to keep it strong enough to crowd out weeds.

What can happen if I don’t control or prevent the above? If you don’t control the weeds and lawn pests they will take over the good grass content of the yard.

What’s the process involved once I hire you? Five main fertilizer visits throughout the growing season from March until November.

Granular fertilizer applications- We use granular fertilizer with a slow release feature, not sprayed or liquid fertilizer.

Pest control– We can prevent and control lawn pests including insects that feed on and damage the grass roots and leaves, fungus and mold on the grass and in the soil, diseases that damage the growing systems of the grass plant.

Lawn Weed control– We can prevent weeds from germinating in your lawn and landscaping beds. We can kill the weeds to control them from taking over your yard.

Insect control– We can prevent and control lawn damaging insects at the appropriate life stage of the insect.

Disease control– We can identify and remedy with the help of our local NJ Agricultural Experiment Station

Lime– We use pelletized lime which is less dusty than powdered lime.

Lawn Renovation, Aeration And Seeding– We bring the equipment to your property And we use the best commercial seed blends to match your yard’s conditions.

Deer Tick Control Treatments – We have granular and liquid applications that last about 6 weeks that can be applied year round.

We have four lawn care programs to choose from:

1. Standard – Five main visits annually. Fertilizer, weed and insect control. Pre-emergent crabgrass control in the Spring.
2. Standard Plus – All of the above plus lime. Fungus and grub control applied as needed.
3. Deluxe – Seven visits annually. All of the above plus seeding. Includes lime, fungus and grub control.
4. Lawn Builder– Usually begins mid August. Overall seeding, spot seeding, lime, plus all materials needed to develop an established lawn in a one to two year period.


We also provide:

Lawn Renovation And Aeration And Seeding
Flea And Deer Tick Control Treatments
Free Lawn Analysis And Estimates

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